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Blurby – The lightest E-Bike made in the EU


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In Europe




Jürgen Schmidt
Jürgen Schmidt
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Super Fahrrad und super Service!
Karl Fischer
Karl Fischer
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Das E-Bike ist perfekt für mich, wünschte nur, es wäre etwas günstiger.
Lars Müller
Lars Müller
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Ich musste 40 Tage auf das Fahrrad warten, was nicht akzeptabel ist. Als ich es jedoch endlich erhielt, wurde mir klar, dass ich in meinem Leben kein besseres E-Bike hatte. 🙂

Actually made in EU! And not just stored in EU

All Blurby ebikes are made in Europe in Budapest. Not just warehoused in Europe after being assembled in Asia like many of our competitors do. This means also that most of the parts are always in stock and available to use for bike service if necessary.

To ensure the best price and quality ratio of our ebikes we do not use any middlemen to sell our products. If you are interested in a Blurby ebike then you are at the right place. If you want to try it first then go ahead and schedule a testride in a city near you!

What makes it so special?

Leave cars behind

Fast bike, Even faster ebike service

Blurby Ebike Bike Doctors are available in Munich, Vienna and Zürich. You can make a Bike Doctor appointment by emailing us at [email protected]

If you are not in one of those cities then all of the spare parts for all of our ebikes are always in stock in Europe. We can send the parts directly to you or the chosen bike shop nearby you. 

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Timeless Pure Design

Blurby Bike timeless design

The Blurby Bike is all about redefining the e-bike. We didn’t want to make it look any different from a regular city bike, so we kept the pure, clean lines and made sure all the electronics stayed invisible. Everything you love about regular bikes is still there, but we’ve just added a few enhancements.

Blurby Bike hub motor

Easily repairable

As a smaller competitor we have been learning from the mistakes of our bigger competitors. Instead of using proprietary parts, we have opened up our bikes to everyone by using standard parts which means the bike is easily serviceable and easily upgradeable with new parts if you wish to do so. We want you to make the bike last a lifetime! With or without our help. 

Belt drive system

Blurby Bike, Blurby W, and Blurby Max come with an innovative single-speed belt drive system because you already have 5 levels of motor support speed. We’re so confident in its durability, we’re offering an extended 5-year warranty. In the unlikely event If it breaks within five years, we’ll replace it for free.

If you prefer a traditional chain drive with 10 gears, look no further than the Blurby Gravel e-bike, which has exactly that!
5 Year Belt drive WARRANTY
Blurby Bike belt-drive


Our Blurby Bike is lightweight and easy to charge, so you can take it wherever you want. At only 13-19 kg, it’s similar to many regular bikes and way lighter than other e-bikes. Plus, it’s easy to carry up to your apartment.

Blurby Bike lightweight

Save money

Not only is the Blurby Bike an e-bike, but it can also replace your car. It’s more cost-effective and faster than a car in the city, and you won’t have to stress about finding a parking spot. Plus, with proper maintenance, your Blurby Bike will last a lifetime.

Blurby Bike on the street
Blurby Bike in Budapest

Battery Technology

Our battery technology is top-notch. We’ve developed a small, compact battery pack that’s hidden in the bottom tube of the bike. We only use the highest quality, long-lasting battery cells made by LG and Panasonic, the same ones used in Tesla electric cars.

Made in the EU

Looking for a bike with a soul? Look no further than the Blurby Bike! Our experienced and talented assembly specialists have lovingly handcrafted each and every bike. And unlike those mass-produced, soulless products, our bikes are built to last a lifetime. Plus, they’re not made on some distant continent, but right in the heart of Europe in Budapest.

And since all of our production is in Europe, we can provide fast and high-quality service for all our European customers. No more waiting around for your bike to be fixed! With the Blurby Bike, you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Blurbu Bike Shimano brakes
Blurby Bike Continantal tires

Key specifications

Bicycle Frame – Aluminum Alloy 6061T

Handlebar – Aluminium alloy and vegan leather handlebar grips

Fork – 3K Carbon fiber fork 700C 1- 1/8

Paint– Powder coated

Seat – Black vegan leather wet weather resistant seat

Pedals – Aluminium alloy lightweight pedals

Drivetrain – Single-speed belt-drive with a special 5-year warranty

Brakes– Shimano BR-M6100 Hydraulic disc brakes

Wheels – 28″, 13G*36H aluminium alloy wheels

Tyres – Continental CONTACT Urban Puncture resistant tyres 700x32C

Weight – Blurby Bike starting from 13 kg; Blurby Bike Max and Blurby Bike W starting from 15 kg

Battery – 36V LG 7Ah (Blurby Bike) or 10Ah (Blurby Bike Max, Blurby Bike W) integrated battery

Motor assist speed– Software limited to max 25 km/h

Motor – Aikema 36V 250W rear hub motor

Charger – 2A Charger with an EU Plug (optional 4A fast charger)

Connectivity – Bluetooth Display which indicates the speed, odometer, battery level and ride mode.

Battery range– Average motor assist range of 50km (Blurby Bike) or 70km (Blurby Bike Max, Blurby Bike W)


A: Top tube length
 –  55 cm

B: Seat tube length – 54 cm

C: Chainstay length – 45 cm

D: Standover height  – 58 cm

E: Head tube length – 16 cm

F: Fork length – 39 cm

G: Wheelbase– 110 cm

H: Seat tube angle – 67.9°

I: Head tube angle – 77.8°

A: Top tube length – 55 cm

B: Seat tube length – 58 cm

C: Chainstay length – 45 cm

D: Standover height– 85 cm

E: Head tube length– 16 cm

F: Fork length – 39 cm

G: Wheelbase – 110 cm

H: Seat tube angle– 67.9°

I: Head tube angle– 77.8°

A: Top tube length
 –  55 cm

B: Seat tube length – 59 cm

C: Chainstay length – 45 cm

D: Standover height  – 86 cm

E: Head tube length – 16 cm

F: Fork length – 39 cm

G: Wheelbase – 110 cm

H: Seat tube angle – 67.9°

I: Head tube angle – 77.8°

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