Vanmoof Accessories


  • Rear Rack

    $74,99 (includes the VAT)
  • Front Basket

    $124,99 (includes the VAT)
  • Bell and boost button set

    $19,99 (includes the VAT)
  • LG 18650 Battery Cells for Vanmoof (40 pieces)

    $249,99 (includes the VAT)
  • Disc brake discs (1 pair)

    $49,99 (includes the VAT)
  • Disc Brake pads (4 pieces)

    $19,99 (includes the VAT)
  • Fenders Front and Rear set

    $74,99 (includes the VAT)
  • Front Hub Motor wheel for Vanmoof

    $499,00 (includes the VAT)
  • 2cm Spacer to increase Vanmoof handlebar height

    $19,99 (includes the VAT)
  • Aluminium crank arm set for Vanmoof

    $69,00 (includes the VAT)
  • Aluminium pedal set for Vanmoof (2 pedals)

    $29,99 (includes the VAT)
  • Kickstand for Vanmoof

    $49,00 (includes the VAT)

Shipping now to EU, UK, US and Japan. All of the spare parts have been designed for Vanmoof bikes and tested with Vanmoof bikes and are compatible with Vanmoof ebikes. The spare parts are not manufactured or sold by Vanmoof.


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