Vanmoof Trade In

Trade in your VANMOOF!

Blurby offers a trade in discount of up to 1 000 EUR for Vanmoof owners looking to buy a Blurby ebike.
The traded in ebike must have all the original components on it but otherwise it does not need to be in perfect condition.

If you are an owner of…


S2 or X2
  • you will be eligible for a
  • 250 EUR

  • trade in discount.


S3 or X3
  • you will be eligible for a
  • 500 EUR

  • trade in discount.


S5 or A5
  • you will be eligible for a
  • 1000 EUR

  • trade in discount.
The offer applies for European Union countries plus the UK, Switzerland and Norway.
Here is the process of the trade in:


Fill in the data in the contact form you find below.


If you qualify for the trade in program then we will send you a discount coupon for the trade in amount to complete the desired Blurby ebike purchase. 


After completing the purchase you can send us your Vanmoof. 


Upon receiving the Vanmoof we will immediately dispatch the ordered Blurby ebike to you. 
If you are not willing to part ways with your Vanmoof yet then we are happy to help Vanmoof owners other ways and you can buy the Vanmoof accessories that we have produced and can be found here.

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