E-Bike Service

E-Bike Service

At Blurby we have our own trained ebike service technicians or “Bike Doctors” in several cities. Bike Doctors do not have a separate bicycle service location and instead they will visit you to check your ebike once you make the appointment. Here are the current locations of the Blurby technicians who can carry out warranty and out of warranty repairs on Blurby ebike:

Germany – München

Switzerland – Zürich

Austria – Vienna

If you live in one of those cities and you need help to repair your bike then contact us at [email protected] and we will connect you with the local Blurby technician.

If you do not live near these cities then it is still not a problem to get your ebike serviced. We can send you all electronics and mechanical parts from our factory.  As a manufacturer we have always all of the spare parts of Blurby ebikes in stock. Then you can either install these parts yourself or take them to a bike shop nearby that can help to install the parts.  

Annual E-Bike Maintenance

  • Belt/chain drive system inspection
  • Bike frame visual inspection
  • Bearings maintenance and cleaning
  • Bottom bracket maintenance and cleaning
  • Brake system adjustment and maintenance
  • Wheels and tires inspection and functionality test
  • Bicycle headset and fork inspection and functionality test
  • E-bike firmware update (if new version available)
Price: 89.99 EUR
E-Bike Service

E-bike Service Prices

E-bike drivetrain

  • Drivetrain cleaning: 29 EUR
  • Drivetrain cleaning + belt/chain & cassette replacement: 49 EUR
  • Servicing and cleaning of the ebike drivetrain including belt/chain, cassette and sprockets: 59 EUR
  • Bearings replacement: 29 EUR


  • Smaller items (grips, pedals, saddles, mudguards, luggage racks): 9 EUR / item
  • Larger items (handlebar, brake handles, stem): 15 EUR / item
  • Bearings servicing: 34 EUR


  • Firmware update (if available): 29 EUR
  • Firmware update & battery capacity test: 49 EUR
  • Motor installation: 49 EUR


  • Conversion to tubeless tire 15 EUR / wheel
  • Tire replacement: 10 EUR / wheel


  • Full service for hydraulic disc brakes: 15 EUR
  • Hydraulic brake full service plus bleeding of hydraulic brakes: 49 EUR


  • Front-wheel hub maintenance: 15 EUR
  • Rear wheel hub service: 29 EUR
  • Spokes servicing: 29 EUR


  • Full setup & safety test (including brake testing): 39 EUR
  • Damage assessment report (for insurance company): 49 EUR

How to order?

  • Contact us for Bike Repair/Maintenance
  • Tell us about the repair or maintenance you need, and we’ll recommend a nearby bike repair shop. 
  • If needed, we’ll provide a shipping label and arrange pickup of your e-bike to our service center.
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