Blurby W Ebike 2024

Fully equipped – All Blurby Bike W ebikes come with rear rack, mudguards, lamps, kickstand and bell included. Current delivery time is 5 – 14 days from order payment.

Integrated BÜCHEL front lamp 70 – 100 km RANGE
5 year belt drive WARRANTY SHIMANO Deore Hydraulic Disc Brakes


1.999  2.399  (includes the VAT)

A: Top tube length
 –  56 cm

B: Seat tube length – 54 cm

C: Chainstay length – 45 cm

D: Standover height  – 58 cm

E: Head tube length – 16 cm

F: Fork length – 39 cm

G: Wheelbase– 110 cm

H: Seat tube angle – 67.9°

I: Head tube angle – 77.8°


Yes it is an ebike. :)

Blurby ebikes have the battery hidden in the downtube. It can be easily removed or replaced in our service center if necessary. The battery cannot be removed from the bike for charging. You charge the entire bike with the battery inside the bike. The same way how it works with an electric car. 

Blurby Bike Doctor ebike service technician is available on demand by appointment in Munich, Zurich and Vienna. Our Bike Doctor technicians do not have a permanent location in these cities and instead are available to visit you for the bike repair within these cities.

If you are not in one of those cities then you can service your Blurby ebike in a nearby bikeshop. We can send the required parts for the repair directly to you or to the bikeshop. Most of the parts on our ebikes are fairly standard and familiar to any qualified bicycle service shop.

The rear hub motor used in Blurby ebikes has an incredible strong 50 Nm torque. It is one of the strongest motors available for 250. W Pedelec ebikes. 250 W is the maximum capacity motor in the EU for ebikes. Any ebike with higher capacity than 250W will be considered a motorcycle in the eyes of the law and regulations.

Blurby is selling its ebikes directly to consumers on this website. It is possible to see and try the bikes in the Budapest factory and by scheduling a testride in the closest city to you with a Blurby ebike ambassador at our Testride page. Testrides are available all over Europe.

In order to provide the best price and quality ratio to our customers we only sell Blurby ebikes directly to end customers without involving dealerships. However, we do have local servicing partners in all major cities in Europe.

In the unlikely event that you will regret your Blurby ebike purchase, you will be able to exercise your right to return the bike within 30 days from the receipt of the bike. 

At Blurby we believe in fair pricing which means that the price is the same for everybody. We do not make campaigns or discounts during the low season. We keep a fair pricing that is fixed but lower than most of our competitors prices. Especially considering that the bikes are not mass manufactured in Asia. The current pricing allows us to operate and service your ebikes for many years to come. 

Nothing. Blurby W base version already includes the rear rack preassembled to the bicycle without any extra charge. It also includes the mudguards and the headlight. 

Gabi Segieth
Gabi Segieth@GSegieth
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Ich hätte kein besseres Bike finden können.Ich werde 75 Jahre Da ist dieses bike gerade richtig,besonders auch für sportliches Fahren.
Jürgen Schmidt
Jürgen Schmidt
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Super Fahrrad und super Service!
Karl Fischer
Karl Fischer
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Das E-Bike ist perfekt für mich, wünschte nur, es wäre etwas günstiger.
Lars Müller
Lars Müller
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Ich musste 40 Tage auf das Fahrrad warten, was nicht akzeptabel ist. Als ich es jedoch endlich erhielt, wurde mir klar, dass ich in meinem Leben kein besseres E-Bike hatte. :)
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Blurby Bike - The lightest E-Bike made in the EU