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Blurby Bike acquired Hagen Bikes, an Estonian cargo bike manufacturer

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We are proud to announce the strategic acquisition of Hagen Bikes, a top cargo bike manufacturer based in Estonia. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in our strategy to enhance its market presence and operational capabilities across Europe.

Strategic Expansion and Operational Synergy

Hagen Bikes, renowned for its robust “real steel” cargo (and e-cargo) bikes, has established a substantial market presence in Europe, catering to both consumer and business-to-business sectors.

In a strategic move to optimize manufacturing efficiency and product distribution, we will consolidate the production facilities of both Blurby ebikes and Hagen Bikes cargo bikes. This consolidation will occur in a state-of-the-art facility designed to uphold the highest standards of manufacturing excellence.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Consistent with both companies’ commitment to sustainability and superior craftsmanship, the Hagen Bikes cargo bikes will continue to be manufactured from high-quality steel and remain produced in Europe, ensuring that the products meet the rigorous demands of both existing and new customers.

Maintaining Brand Identity

Despite the integration of operational functions, Blurby Bike and Hagen Bikes will continue to operate as separate brands within their respective market segments. This approach allows each brand to maintain its unique identity and market focus while benefiting from enhanced production capabilities and shared expertise.

A Future Focused on Growth and Innovation

This acquisition allows us to leverage Hagen Bikes’ extensive distribution network and customer base to boost Blurby’s reach in the cargo bike segment. The combined expertise of both companies will drive innovation, enhance product offerings, and expand market reach, setting new standards in the electric and cargo bike industries.

Thank You

We are grateful to our customers, partners, and shareholders for your continued support and confidence in our company. This acquisition is a step forward in our mission to transform urban mobility with sustainable and innovative solutions. We look forward to a future of continued growth and success.

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