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Why are Blurby Bikes not sold elsewhere?

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While browsing our website you might be wondering if you can find our ebikes from another webshop or another store. You can stop wondering about it because Blurby Bike is only sold directly to consumer through our website. If you see Blurby Bike ebikes sold anywhere in another store or website then it means it is an used product or counterfeited product.

So why did we limit the possible sales numbers by not partnering with other bikestores and webshops to increase the volume of sales? There are many reasons and we will explain it here.

  • Better price- Bicycle distributors/shops take an average of 30% ebike price as their profit. That means that as a manufacturer by selling directly to you we are able to provide Blurby Bike ebikes at a 30% lower price than it would be by using partner shops as distributors. 
  • Internet exists – It is the 21st century which means that internet exists and it is possible to buy anything off the internet with a few clicks and return it if they do not like it. It is just easier for everyone. And if you want to try our ebikes without buying then we offer free testrides in most of the bigger cities in Europe.
  • Better product – Because we have your direct feedback, we are able to improve the products every day with that feedback. 
  • Better customer service – As a manufacturer we know everything about Blurby Bikes. Therefore we can offer the most precise customer service. And we try to be friendly also. 🙂
  • Fair pricing – We do not make fake discounts to lure you into buying our products. The price is the same for everyone and not manipulated. The price is the same as on the website even for the friends and family members of Blurby Bike employees and founders. 
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