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VanMoof spare parts and accessories now available at

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Since the news hit in July about the insolvency of VanMoof we immediately started brainstorming about how we could lend a helping hand to VanMoof owners. Eventually we came up with the trade in program where people can trade in their old VanMoof for a new Blurby ebike with a 500 or 1000 EUR trade in discount.

Today we are taking the next step to help VanMoof owners. For everyone not thinking about giving up on Vanmoof just yet we are launching Vanmoof accessories and spare parts at The first batch of products are rear racks, front baskets and metal mudguards for Vanmoof S2/X2, S3/X3 and S5/A5. All of these parts and accessories are brand new and produced in our own factory. All the products have been tested with the actual Vanmoof bikes to ensure the compatibility.

In our pipeline we have already next parts and accessories like the bell and boost button and brake discs that we plan to include in the parts list as soon as possible.

And last but not the least, great news for our friends across the ocean. Even though the trade in program and the Blurby ebikes are not available in the US then we have managed to make the Vanmoof Accessories work with the deliveries to the US as well!

I know that the parts we are offering are only a fraction of the parts that people need. Therefore feel free to contact us with your parts request and we can try to find them or launch them at a later date on our website.

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